This site is dedicated to information about typhoons, power outages and price hikes affecting Meralco customers.

Tips and Advice

Before Typhoon

Before the Typhoon: Stay Updated with the news

Before The Typhoon: Stay Updated

Stay updated with the news on TV and radio

Before the Typhoon

Before the Typhoon: Charge Your Gadgets

Charge your cellphones, flashlights and other important gadgets or rechargeable appliances.

Store Food and Portable Water

Before the Typhoon: Store Food and Water

Store food and portable water.

During Typhoon

During 1

During Typhoon: Switch Off The Power

In case of flood, switch off your circuit breaker. Don’t wait for Meralco to turn off the power.

During 4

During Typhoon: Anticipate Brownouts

Anticipate brownouts during strong typhoons.

During 3

During Typhoon: Report Damages

Report fallen or leaning posts, damaged wires and transformers.

During 2

During Typhoon: Be Protected in Flooding

If you must walk in flood water, wear rubber boots and gloves for added protection.

After Typhoon

After 2

After The Typhoon: Meralco’s Restoration Process

Before your electricity can be restored, your area must be clear of flood water and debris. Here’s Meralco’s Restoration Process

  1. Quick patrol of all facilities
  2. Repair main power lines
  3. Replacement materials are brought on site
  4. Repair and energize power lines in sections
  5. Repair lateral lines
After the Typhoon. Clearing of Debris

After the Typhoon

  • Help clear debris in your area. But for any debris entangled with our wire and poles please leave those to our crews.
  • Avoid using drenched or water-damaged outlets and appliances. Have them checked immediately by a licensed electrician. For the complete list of Accredited Meralco Contractors, visit www.amc.org.ph